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A Conversation with Eckhart Tolle & Deepak Chopra

April 24th, 2013-05-02

From Eckhart TV

This conversation consists of 4 different parts:

Part 1: Topics of Eckhart speech:

  • There is no other moment rather than now.

  1. Shifting your consciousness means directing your attention.

  1. Mind absorbs thoughts like a magnet, so we lose the SPACE of awareness.

  1. Don’t let thoughts absorb in your mind.

  1. Thoughts control you and your behavior.

  1. Space of alertness is created when you are not sleeping and there is no thought in your mind.

  1. When you are thinking, you are not really seeing.

  1. You can’t feel empathy, when you are judging.

  1. When you are judging you are not really PRESENT.

  1. In Transcendental Space we can find “who really we are”. In this point sense of Identifying is working.  

  1. Instead of term “Who Really You Are” we can use terms:

“Spiritual Dimension” or “Transcendental Dimension” or

“Formless Presence Consciousness”.

  1. “Alertness “Behind Looking” means “pure consciousness”.

  1. Don’t judge or label.

  1. Give up “Understanding” and live in “Present Moment”, then “Understanding” comes to you without thinking about it.

  1. In the state of “Not Knowing” a deeper state of “Knowing” comes through.

  1. Let “Being” instead of “Complaining”.

  1. Ramona Maharishi says: The degree of absence of thinking shows the degree of progress in spiritual life.

Part 2: Chopra’s speech:

  1. Time means “Movement of Thoughts”.

  1. Thoughts create Objects and Subjects.

  1. According to The Vedas, there are 5 Kelayshas or Cause of Suffering:

  1. Not knowing “Who You Are”.

  1. Addiction and Conditioning Habits. Trying to fix our routines although life is a matter of changes not stabilities.

  1. Fear of changing about what they like to be unchanged. “Fear of Flex”.

  1. Identifying your images of yourself instead of knowing “TRUE SELF”. Simply we can say:”Conditional Mind” which ends to Labeling and Judgment.

  1. Fear of Death.

                    All above could be referred to not knowing “Who Really Am I”.

  1. When a question arises in our mind we have to ask our self: “who is asking question”.

  1. Subjects and Objects do not really exist. They are arising from thoughts.

  1. Transcend means “Going Beyond Objects and Subjects” which are all only “thoughts”.

  1. In real world “Objects” are not living, because things are processing and they are matter of changes. They are not fixed.

  1. The observer and observed is subject of thought which every moment arise like the wave in the ocean. As waves absorb in the ocean, thoughts absorb in the ocean of consciousness.  

  1. Waves subside but, before and after of wave, water was existed.

  1. Any experiences”emotions, feelings, thoughts” are images. In whole universe, they are the same.

  1. All individual subject and object is moving of consciousness within consciousness. Sages say” I’m not in the world, the world is within me” or I’m not this body, this body is not me, …

  1. All objects, subjects, thoughts, emotions, images are consciousness within consciousness.

  1. Consciousness is the one who is looking; it’s not a quality of mind. Consciousness is prior to the mind and brain.

  1. Before and after thoughts and desires “I” is happy.

  1. Instead of searching, go back to the place that you started journey without distance and turn your awareness to the quality of being present.

  1. If you can put yourself in the space of awareness, you got ticket of freedom, because is that you who never dies.

  1. There are no boundaries in the universe, every boundary is conceptual. In reality there are no boundary, only we created it.

  1. Present moment is the only moment that never ends. The things around moment change but, present moment is unchangeable, endless and real.

  1. The most important time in our life is “NOW”.

  1. The most important person in my life is the person who I’m with”NOW”.

  1. The most important activity I’m involved is the one I’m doing “NOW”.

  1.   Unknown become known to me only in the present moment. This ultimately consequences to undead because, death happens in time. What doesn’t born, won’t die.

Part 3, Questions & Answers:

  1. No need to think all the time any more.

  1. Happiness depends on thoughts but, there is no thought in Joy.

  1. Four qualities of consciousness according to Buddha are: Loving Kindness, Joy, Compassion, and Equanimity. There is no thought in these four qualities, these are subtle.

  1. Way of commune: I and other are “ONE”.

  1. You can forgive only when you know yourself as a formless then, you can look through that and forgiveness arises naturally. When you identify yourself forgiveness won’t happens.

  1. Awareness of being awareness.

  1. You don’t have believe every your thoughts.

  1. You don’t have follow every your thoughts.

  1. For getting out of your thoughts, bring your attention back to your breath or to your, make a distance and break response.

Part 4: Wayne Dyer speech:” disciple and friend of Chopra for 25 years”.

Wayne says: according Peter Dognap, there are three different “Love”:

  1. Human Love: it’s subject of changes and varies.

  1. Spiritual Love: It never changes but, it does vary.

  1. Divine Love:  there is no change no varies. Take two and make it one.

There is no opposite.

  1. My crown “contentment” is in my heart not on my mind.

  1. Whatever you place your attention on, you become that. 

  1. Feel unconditional love.

  1. Fear is opposite of Love.

  1. Be contentment. 

Conclusion by Chopra:

  1. Every event can be a impressive of total universe so, go with the flow.

  1. Love does heal; there are biological researches which improve this fact.   Love gets you back to the original state, which is the state of well being.

  1.  Rishis say: Love radians in me like a lamp.

Writers and books which we can refer to:

  1. Super Brain: by Deepak Chopra.

  1. Cats and dogs: by Eckhart Tolle.

  1. Tama raj” great teacher”.

  1. Maryanne “writer”.

  1. You Become What You Think About - Dr Wayne W. Dyer

  1. Meditations for Manifesting -- Wayne Dyer Secret of the Law of Attraction.flv

  1. Meditations for Manifesting Part 2 -- Wayne Dyer






Dear Friends,

In order To know better the state of your mind during the meditation practice, reducing your stress and feeling stillness, please practice “trataka = focusing on the candle flame”. This practice will increase your concentration which is the first step of meditation.  

·Best time for practicing Trataka is evening after sunset, but you can do it when you are free at any time and enjoy your practice. Don’t force yourself.

 ·Sit in a calm place on the floor or on a chair with straight back. Your head, neck and spine   should be alien. Don’t bend your head or back. Your Spine is your Body Energy Chanel; let the energy flows directly from your root chakra (at the base of spine) to the crown chakra (on top of the head).

· Face to the East or North (it helps you to get more energy from the earth).

· Burn a candle and put it in front of you. Alien your eyes with top of the flame and about 20’’ away from your body.

· Relax your body; put your palms on your knees. Gaze to the flame, don’t blink, continue as long as your eyes start tearing, slowly close your eyes and focus between your eyebrows.

  ·When you became relax, open your eyes and again gaze to the flame and focus on it as you did before.

· After a while, when you are closing your eyes, you can visualize the flame’s picture between your eyebrows. In this case, keep your eyes closed as long as the image of flame disappears, then slowly open your eyes and continue the practice.

  ·That would be fine if you can continue the practice for 20 minutes; otherwise do it as long as you feel good. Don’t push yourself for doing practice for a longer time, or more than your capacity. Increase duration of practice slowly at your pace.

· After finishing your Practice sit calm with closed eyes as long as you need, then slowly open your eyes barely to the floor and come out of the practice gently. Don’t rush for finishing the practice. 

· You can do this practice every night; otherwise try to do it at least 3 times a week.

· Please don’t hesitate to ask your questions and write me the result of your practice (positive or negative) by e-mail.

· Hope to see you in our next meditation sitting more focused and more satisfied.

Love & Light,    Aghdas  ,  January 4th, 2013, Edison, NJ, USA